Words of Trust

I am thinking of the events of the past couple of nights and I am also thinking about how one day old Chuang Tzu said,

Zhuangzi2Let me share with you something I have learned. In all human relationships, if there are two parties living close to one another, they may establish a degree of personal trust. However, if they are distant, they must use words to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

One of the most difficult things in life is to be able to communicate effectively, without emotion, truthfully. When two parties are communicating, for both to be pleased they need to exaggerate some of the good points. To anger both parties, there must be some exaggeration of bad points. And yet, it is irresponsible to engage in exaggeration. When there is exaggeration, there can be no trust. When there is no trust the party who transmits the exaggeration might face some danger.

This is why there is a saying, “Transmit the established facts; do not transmit words of exaggeration.” If you do that, you will probably find some justice.


4 thoughts on “Words of Trust

  1. Dear,
    I found your website accidentally when I was searching for the images of Kwan Yin. And I felt in love with every post you had done, even though my English is not good enough to understand what you want to express completely. Thank you very much for what you had done. It help me a lot to cope with my inner problem. Like you, I love Chuang Tzu, Tagore, love to hear the lyrics of Leonard Cohen.
    Best regards,


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