Who Loves The Sun

In case anyone’s interested, I uploaded a new photograph to my About page. It’s me and my roommate. I’m the cute one.

In other news: What a difference a week makes. Last Monday it was 113 degrees, the hottest afternoon on record. and this Monday, only 66, the coolest afternoon on record (for these dates). And rain to boot. We haven’t had rain since April.

Thursday some monsoonal weather came up from the south and muscled in on the high that had squatting here for four or five days. Friday, I watched the sunset and got a couple of nice pics. Click on the photos to see them full size.

Downtown LA:

Hollywood Sign:

Below, virtually the same vantage points but taken yesterday. Personally, I think we have too much sun in California. It gets old. To me, this gray is simply beautiful.


Hollywood sign:

Who Loves The Sun?
Not Everyone.


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