To Zen Or Not To Zen, That Is The Question

Today a quick roundup of some recent online new articles on the subject of Zen . . . only they don’t have much or anything to do with the form of Buddhism known as Zen. It’s just the word they’re using, as a marketing tool or attention-grabber.

Like this one, 6 Keys to Having a Zen Home Buying Experience. That sounds cool. Have a meditative, mindful experience buying a home . . . According to Tara-Nicholle Nelson,

Zen homebuyers are the ones who tend to start educating themselves months, even years, in advance by reading books, frequenting smart personal finance sites, visiting open houses, scouting neighborhoods, and asking questions on discussion boards frequented by experts and fellow consumers.”

Seriously, that seems like good advice. I know this author knows what she’s talking about,

I can vouch: minimizing your home buying time pressures will maximize your Zen.”

And that, of course, is what you want, to maximize your Zen.

Sometimes I wonder if these people even know what Zen is . . .

I love this one: Steven Seagal is dangerously Zen. He may be just dangerous. The byline reads: “Steven Seagal will laugh at a lawsuit, like he laughs at his enemies.” That’s right. You don’t want to mess with Tulkus who can kick your ass.

Actually, this article is a collection of photos with humorous captions. Here’s one of my favorites (caption-wise):

Steven Seagal speaking the international language of Zen, at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2003.

I wonder if Seagal knows about Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen? Apparently, “it doesn’t push the Vita too hard, but it does offer an engaging slice of old-school shadow-dancing” . . .Don’t you just hate it when the Vita is pushed too much . . .

Ever been curious about The Zen of Woody Allen?

Even funnier than Woody Allen is Zen Pencils, motivational quotes and poems illustrated with comic strip art.

This is another dangerous guy. I mean, we’re talking cupcakes here: The buff pastry buff: Spinning or baking, he is Zen.

Did you know that Fro.Zen.Yo is adding eight stores in DC region? Check it out.

I could go on and on. It never ends. There’s all kinds of Zen everywhere these days! Zen Bootcamp. Zen ski camps. Zentangle. Zen Pinball. Zen Table. ZEN software. And, of course, Zen Bicycles.

I tell ya, Zen is popping out all over! It’s all just so . . . Zenful! The only problem is there’s so much, how can anyone Zen it all? It’s a quandary, all right. I guess all we can do is to keep trying to get our Zen on and hope for the best . . .

In the meantime, Zen this:

This photo proudly has nothing whatsoever to do with Zen.

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