The End of Psychology

In its July 31 issue, the Onion reports this shocking development:

The field of psychology was brought to an immediate halt this week as disillusioned and weary practitioners of the discipline reportedly concluded that the mind could never possibly hope to study itself.”

lucydoctor3Finally, the head-shrink community has accepted what the great Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna revealed some 1700 years ago:

The mind does not know itself, cannot see itself.”

Indeed, if the mind cannot know mind, or even see it, how could it possibly study itself? There must be hundreds of thousands of folks in the psychology field worldwide in desperate need of therapy as a result of this revelation.

Nagarjuna said that because of our fundamental ignorance, we seize the fixed nature of the mind, and as a result, the mind we seize is false. However, through an understanding of emptiness, we can comprehend the real nature of mind.

According to Tenzin Gyatsu, the 14th Dalai Lama, through meditation we can get a glimpse of what the mind is. When we are able to enter into the timelessness of now, the present moment, with no thoughts about the past or anticipations for the future, when our mind is not swayed by hopes and fears, or even thoughts, and that when

[You] are able to isolate your mind from such object oriented activity and insure that there is no thinking about the past or anticipation of the future, by trying to remain in the present, then gradually you are able to sense an absence, an emptiness, and that through persistent practice of meditation, slowly, I feel that you can begin to realize, experientially, what is this consciousness, which is the mere nature of experience and knowing, a form of luminous phenomena.

If you approach in this manner, I feel that there is a tremendous scope for discovery. I feel that at a certain point you will get, through your own experience, a sense of what [mind] really is.”*

Actually, the mind is like an onion, only by peeling it many layers can we get to the core.

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* UCLA, June 5, 1997


9 thoughts on “The End of Psychology

  1. “Mindfulness” leads to “mind-less-ness” which leads to”less-mind-ness, which leads to “no-thing-ness” which leads to the mountains being mountains and the cloud being clouds …… and back to the marketplace we go.

    1. You probably remember the singer Donovan from the 60s. That is precisely what he was referring to when he wrote in the song “First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.”

  2. Of course you had to do a really interesting post when I didn’t have Internet access! πŸ˜‰

    Not only do I have a strong background in psychology, but I also found modern medicine and psychology in general to be huge roadblocks to healing in my own life. I don’t know if it’s possible to find true peace while operating under the assumption that the personality is fixed, that “character traits” (and flaws!) exist, etc. And so many labels! The theories, in general, really demonstrate a lack of understanding of the mind and of our nature in general.

    I have been fortunate to have found healing through an “alternative” path, and it would be wonderful if others were more aware of such paths.

    1. It has its problems, but without modern medicine, I wouldn’t be around much longer, so I have to give them a hand. I have had no experience with psychology except through reading.

    2. I have gone through the same experience.

      I live in India.Here, most are not even ready to accept this fact.People will agree when a psychologist himself agrees to the limits of his field.

      Please spread awareness about this.

      I followed my own independent path in healing myself through the spiritual understanding of many sages.To an extent, I have stabilized myself.

  3. Interesting. Since we cannot simultaneously observe and be the object of the observation, we first have to focus on what we can observe (the many layers of the onion) and peel them away.

    We transition through our various states of being, until no references are left. Then you have a state that cannot be observed, but only experienced. “…you can begin to realize, experientially, what is this consciousness, which is the mere nature of experience and knowing, a form of luminous phenomena.”

    No wonder his Holiness used the word slowly to describe how it must be done. Rather terrifying otherwise.

    Many thanks.

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