Musical Interlude (French Style)

Patricia Kaas
Patricia Kaas

My last post, Guns, With Occasional Music, had no music. Today’s post has music but no guns, and nothing at all to do with Buddhism.

I watched a nice little film the other night called And Now . . . Ladies and Gentlemen. It stars Jeremy Irons as a jewel thief who is experiencing blackouts and sails to Morocco where he meets up with a French café singer suffering with the same problem. The best part was the girl who played the songstress, a terrific French singer named Patricia Kaas. She and her singing completely won me over.

Kaas, who as far as I can tell is little known in America, has been extremely successful just about everywhere else, and is often compared to Édith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich. The Dietrich comparison is more apropos as they both have deep, smoky voices, but Kaas is by far the better singer. Kaas reminds me, vocally and facially, of my long-time favorite French singer, Francoise Hardy, who has been a French Icon for decades now, and has also appeared in a film or two.

Francoise Hardy
Francoise Hardy

Like Sam Cooke, I don’t know much about the French I took . . . come to think of it, I didn’t take French. Nonetheless, I think it is a beautiful language, whether sung or spoken, even though I don’t understand a word of it.

I have been listening to Patricia Kaas on Rhapsody for several days now, and I am totally smitten with her. Now, without further ado, here is the music: There are two versions of I Wish You Love, from the movie soundtrack and from the album (“Piano Bar”), both done in English. I can’t decide which I like best so I’m posting both. Then, because I just can’t help myself, a video of one of my favorite songs by Francoise Hardy.

I Wish You Love

Alternate version of I Wish You Love from “Piano Bar”

Francoise Hardy is a prolific songwriter. This is 1982’s Moi Vouloir Toi (I Want You), lyrics by Hardy, music by Louis Chedid.



This is a poem I wrote some years ago after listening to a tape of songs by Francoise Hardy.


is singing    a song of love
made from alien words
i am listening
“je vous désire”

the songs are songs
of nights     of tongues
thoughts dreamed by fire

i dream     i hear
the flowers sing
i question the sky    (i would
hold up the sky)    between
the sky and     my face

come into my heart
empty place    the unoccupied zone
come shivering     naked
i am alone

i dream that you are smiling
love is not dead     you say
without breathing

touched by the lips
on some far shore
passionate     sad

for love is an affection
the other limit
a hungry word
beyond the cry    of dawn