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• It’s been a week since I last posted. I think that is the longest I have gone during the some four years I have been writing The Endless Further. My doctors were concerned about the size of one of the lesions on my liver, so last Monday I went into the hospital to undergo a procedure called a Radio Frequency Ablation. They put me under, stuck a needle in my stomach, ran it over to the lesion and bombarded it with high frequency radio waves. The doctor who performed the RFA said the lesion was “effectively treated,” meaning they killed it. This procedure buys me some more time while I wait for the Big T.

They released me Tuesday morning, and I have spent the days since then recovering. These things take a lot out of you. My get up and go, got up and went, and left me in the dust. However, I am feeling a little bit better each day. The healing process takes time.

• The European Union Council on Tourism and Trade is scheduled to present Burma (also known as Myanmar) with the award of World’s Best Tourist Destination for 2014. According to Business Standard, the “award is presented based on ethics for tourism industry, safety of tourists and preservation of cultural heritages designated by the UN Tourism Division, Unesco and the European Union Council on Tourism and Trade.”

This is the country where last month it was reported that state security forces and Buddhist vigilantes massacred at least 48 ethnic Rohingya Muslims, mostly women and children, and where in 2012 Buddhist mobs killed more than 200 Muslims and burned thousands of homes, drove more than 100,000 Rohingya into militarized camps, where they remain today, prohibited from traveling beyond the police and army checkpoints without permission.

Yeah, let’s promote tourism to that place.

• On a more positive note, it’s been reported that 50 volunteers the group Buddhist Tzu Chi are working closely with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to provide counseling support for the families of the passengers on flight MH370. The volunteers include 15 Malaysians.

Tzu Chi (“compassionate relief”) is an international humanitarian organization, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Cheng Yen, a Buddhist nun, founded the organization in 1966 and I have heard nary a discouraging word about them.  I would provide a link to their site but Google says that it may have been hacked. Instead, here is a link to the Tzu Chi Wikipedia page.

• In the wake of the Dalai Lama’s historic opening prayer at the U.S. Senate, The Daily Beast tells us of 10 Religious Surprises in the US Congress.

• Included in the Dalai Lama’s Senate offering, was the prayer he recites himself each day, one that gives him “inner strength to serve humanity.” Several years ago I wrote a post about the Dalai Lama teaching on this prayer in 1999.  I called the post The Dalai Lama is Crying.


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    1. Thank you. I intend to stay as healthy as possible. It wasn’t a scare really. That’s what the doctors have doing to me for the last year and a half, treating these lesions to get rid of them or at least prevent them from growing so large that it would kick me off the transplant list. Usually it is through inter-arterial chemo, this is just the second time by RFA. It was mostly not a whole lot of fun. I mean, who would want to get up before dawn some morning to go some place and let someone poke a hole in you?

        1. The hospital I was at has good food overall, I mean really good food. Unfortunately, while I was there my system could not handle solid food well enough for me to be able to enjoy any of it.

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