Silence in action

The heat has backed off some. Now we have monsoonal weather which means humidity which means it’s only slightly more comfortable. I shouldn’t complain. At least we have weather. Most of the time we don’t in Southern California. TV weather people have it easy here. All they have to do is forecast widely scattered sunshine and they’re right 98% of the time.

Today’s post is about another interesting woman.

On Tuesday, a commenter mentioned Vimala Thakar. Some readers may not be familiar with her.

Born in 1923 to a middle class Brahmin family in India, Thakar spent the early part of her life working to improve the lot of poor Indian farmers. In the 1950’s she met Jiddu Krishnamurti, a meeting that had a huge impact upon her. Afterward, she devoted herself to teaching spiritual philosophy and meditation.

I am not well acquainted with Thakar. Although she was well respected and apparently thought of as Krishnamurti’s successor, when she passed away in 2009, as one writer stated, “the details of her passing were scarce.”

I do have a book of hers. It’s called Silence in action, published by some individuals in Holland in 1968.

I like the title. This, of course, is the silence of inner peace. We practice silence in order to experience silence, to realize it. Silence is dynamic, but it’s deceptive because it unfolds non-dynamically, a part of the subtle process of awakening. Silence in action, reminds me of that old Willie Nelson line, “Still is still moving to me.” I see it as similar to the Taoist wu-wei or harmonious action, because silence is harmony and stillness is just silence flowing naturally.

So, here are some words from Vimala Thakar, from a talk given in 1968:

When the total mind becomes silent, that silence permeates the whole being; you know what permeation of silence in the being is. Permeating of silence in the totality of our being, is awareness. We have no motives, we have no aims; nothing to acquire, and nothing to save; so the defense-mechanism is not working. The totality of your being becomes aware of everything that goes on within and without you, right from the toes to the head. So, you become movement of awareness in flesh and bone.

Oh the beauty of it, if one could just describe it! We will go into it tomorrow. We start by saying that man has not been able to resolve the problems of the individual and the so-called collective life, because the earth is inhabited by human animals and not by human beings yet. A human being is yet to be born.

And the challenge is: ‘Am I willing to let the new human being get born in me? Am I willing to go through such a radical revolution, that I will be born anew?’

That is the challenge. The challenge is the total transformation of the human consciousness.


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