National Day of Reason

Tomorrow is the National Day of Reason. Never heard of it? Neither have I, until now. What a fortuitous happenstance after my post yesterday on Reason and Rationality . . .

The National Day of Reason is intended to be an alternative to the National Day of Prayer for humanists, atheists, and other secularists and freethinkers.

Their website says: “The purpose of the National Day of Reason is to celebrate reason—a concept all Americans can support—and to raise public awareness about the persistent threat to religious liberty posed by government intrusion into the private sphere of worship.”

While I am not sure that all Americans really can support reason, this idea sounds reasonable to me.

And yet, I feel unsatisfied. I am a humanist, and an atheist, and a free thinker (or so I like to believe), however I don’t think of myself in those terms. A secularist, too . . . Still, I’m not sure I really fit in with the National Day of Reason. First, I wish every day was a day of reason. Secondly, if some people get to pray, I want to do something spiritual, too.

Only I don’t believe in God and I harbor doubts about the effectiveness of prayer, which takes care of the other deal tomorrow, The National Day of Prayer . . . so I guess I’m feeling a little left out.

I looked at the various events listed for the National Day of Reason and it didn’t seem like any Buddhists were taking part, or Daoists either (sometimes I can pass for one). I thought, well, maybe some Buddhists decided to take part in the Prayer events, since there are Buddhists who do believe in prayer, or maybe some famous Buddhists were invited to pray with President Obama.

Now, in this search I found out something very interesting: In April, a Federal Judge ruled the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. Who knew? Not me. I guess I haven’t been paying attention. Apparently, they’re having it anyway.

I really wanted to know who was attending the event with Obama, and I can only conclude that it must be a top national secret, because I couldn’t find anything. I am pretty sure that Franklin Graham won’t be going, because he was on CNN today complaining about being slighted and warning of possible persecutions against Christians under the Obama administration.

I decided to check out some Buddhist websites to see what they had to say about it. Unfortunately, either Buddhists don’t care or like me, they haven’t been paying attention, so that ended up being a big zero. If nothing else, at least I know what day it’s on. In Texas, they think it was Tuesday.

By this time, I was beginning not to care myself, and frankly, feeling a bit unreasonable. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Barack Obama, but in his proclamation he talked about God and he’s always saying “God Bless, America” and frankly, I don’t think the President of the United States should be going around talking about God so much. Sure, I know he’s a Christian because I am after all, sane, and I know that he has to go out of his way to make sure everyone knows he’s a Christian since there are some people out there who are not sane, and this is a Christian nation for the most part so he wants to keep everything friendly. But the President is supposed to be representing me, too. And I don’t believe in God, so I find it very irritating. I am trying to stay reasonable and rational about it, though.

Anyway, I suppose since I don’t seem to fit in anywhere, I won’t do anything special. If you have any suggestions on what I should do tomorrow (be reasonable, now), let me know.


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