Today is the 87th birthday of Steve Ditko, legendary comic book artist, the original artist and co-creator of Spiderman. Marvel Comics has put Spidey through many changes over the years. Few people still remember the storyline in which Spiderman became a Buddhist. Here’s an image showing how Spidey assumed his meditation position whenever he dropped into his friendly, neighborhood Zen center.

Spiderman often like to meditate in the ancient Tibetan upside-down position.While I’m at, I might was well share some more images I’ve made collected.

Did you know that Groucho Marx was also a Zen Buddhist? Here he is giving a dharma talk somewhere in Beverly Hills in the early 1940s.


There’s supposed to be a rock formation on the planet Mars in the shape of Buddha. What amazes me is that no one has ever commented about this Mars rock formation in the form of Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Mars from the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ books.

MarsDejahThorisRock2Originally, Deepak Chopra wanted to be an actor. This little seen photo shows him trying out for the role of Superman in 1978.

chopra-superman2013Finally, a rare painting depicting a scene from the Buddhist sutra, Descent into Dairy Queen:

buddha-dqAnd as they still say over on the Warner Brothers lot:

That's All Folks-3



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