Meditation, UFO’s and Wild, Wild Theories

This article at piqued my interest: “Meditation key to understanding UFO’s says local Meetup Director.”

In addition to being a “Meetup Director” (whatever that is), this guy, whose name is Brian Ruhe, is also a former Buddhist monk. Key word: former. I don’t know about Ruhe, but I have a feeling that about 95% of all former Buddhist monks became Buddhist monks just so they could quit and say they are former Buddhist monks, thereby giving themselves some credibility.

Anyway, according to this article, “In his book, Freeing the Buddha, Vancouver UFO Meetup Group founding Director and UFOBC Research Associate Brian Ruhe argues that some UFO’s ‘are devas from the god realm who have the power to manifest themselves as unidentified flying objects, when and where they choose.’”

Rare artist's rendering of a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' Purple People Eater from Planet ?

Ruhe’s  theory is that UFO’s may not be spaceships or flying saucers at all, but celestial spirits flying around. He says we have to develop ourselves up to the UFO/deva’s level. I guess they get their jollies by fooling us into thinking they’re from another galaxy, but in actuality they’re just regular ‘ol earthbound deities. I don’t know about you but that kind of takes the fun out of UFO’s for me.

Now, living here in Southern California I encounter aliens every day. Unfortunately, none of them are from outer space. I’ve always wanted to have a close encounter with an ET or see a UFO. For a moment when I first saw that article, I thought that perhaps through meditation I could learn to communicate with them. Maybe I could invite them over sometime. But if they’re just spirits, I think I’ll stick with meditating on the emptiness of all things . . .

Speaking of wild, nutty theories, here’s one I’m proud to call my very own: Mitt Romney is not really the son of George W. Romney, American businessman and Republican Party politician, he’s actually the illegitimate son of Lyle Waggoner from the Carol Burnett TV show. The resemblance is uncanny.

Lyle Waggoner - Mitt Romney

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