Mantra with a beat

The most famous of all Buddhist mantras, Om Mani Padme Hum, set to some original ambient music with a beat:

Just as the lotus grows up from the darkness of the mud to the surface of the water, opening its blossom only after it has raised itself beyond the surface, and remaining unsullied from both earth and water, which nourished it-in the same way the mind, born in the human body, unfolds its true qualities (“petals”) after it has raised itself beyond the turbid floods of passions and ignorance, and transforms the dark powers of the depths into the radiantly pure nectar of Enlightenment-consciousness (bodhicitta), the incomparable jewel (mani) in the lotus blossom (padma).

Lama Govinda


2 thoughts on “Mantra with a beat

  1. I have a bracelet with “Om Mani Padme Hum” engraved in wooden beads. It stays on my person all day long.

    This somewhat electronic-ambient song you’ve created is amazing. I love the video slideshow you’ve done as well. Personally, when I close my eyes and listen to this track, I see a flower budding in slow motion (an effect you could probably easily capture…). I’m not sure why, that’s just the first image that pops into my head.

    Awesome job on this…thanks for posting.

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