I Will

It’s Valentine’s Day when we celebrate all things romantic, a day of candy hearts, chocolates, flowers, love poems and love songs.

I thought that since this week we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the arrival on these shores by The Beatles, I would share my favorite Beatles love song with you.  Actually, it was more of a solo effort by Paul McCartney for the “White Album,” and while he has received some flack over the years for his “silly love songs,” this is one of his best.

By the way, in case you don’t know, the girl who appears in the photos with Paul in the video below is Jane Asher, an English actress and author, and sister of Peter Asher, of Peter and Gordon, a respected record producer.  Paul and Jane were together from the early days of Beatlemania until mid-1968.

So, as you sally forth on this Valentine’s Day, just remember, as the Fab Four told us all those years ago, all you need is love and love to you all.


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