I am writing this just before I turn in for the night and looking forward to waking up tomorrow in a Jerry Brown California. I’ve been following this guy since I read his Playboy interview back in 1976, and as previously mentioned, I worked on his 1992 presidential campaign. Obviously, I am very pleased at tonight’s outcome in that race.

So now that California at least is safe for democracy, we can turn to some other things.

I spent part of this past weekend on the lawn in front of our building. Some plants have flourished around the base of the big palm tree out there and it was attracting lots of hummingbirds. I wanted to get some close-ups so I waded right into their midst, and they zipped all around me like crazy while I tried to be fast enough to snap shots. I might have looked a little odd to someone passing by but I was too busy looking this way and then that way to notice.

It wasn’t easy to capture them. These birds are . . . well, flighty might be a good word to use. Part of my problem was the camera. A couple of years ago I received my first digital camera as a birthday present from my dad and although I enjoy the fact that I can shoot some photos, hook the camera up to my laptop, and be able to view them in just a matter of minutes (not to mention the quality), I am still having a difficult time getting the hang of how to use the camera. When outside, the viewer is often hard to see because of the light. Trying to shoot these hummingbirds who tend to blend in with the foliage was daunting because you can’t just put the camera up to your eye and zero in on your subject like you can with a traditional camera.

Anyway, I did manage to get a few good shots. Here’s one of them:

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. There are a few others and you can see them  here.


2 thoughts on “Hummingbirds

  1. Very nice! Yes, they are very hard to capture, especially if your digital camera is slow between shots (my old one was, new one not as much). I have a harder time taking quality photos inside with mine though. All has to do with lighting, and my apartment sucks for it.

    1. Yes, the slowness between shots is another issue. Also involving lighting. When I was standing in shadow, it was slower, but in the sunlight much faster. You’ve posted a couple of nice pics on your blog recently. Did you take them?

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