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Since I began The Endless Further in April of this year, I have been blogging non-stop. Nearly every day.  164 posts in 186 days. I have temporarily run out of steam.

Outside of a very small number of people, I have only a vague idea of who reads this blog on a regular basis. Statistical reports only tell you so much. I would be lying if I said I didn’t care who reads the blog or how many people visit it each day. After all, the purpose of a blog is to share your thoughts with others. If I wanted to just talk to myself, I could do that without having to type or post anything. And often do.

Anyway, I do appreciate that there are some regular readers, and also appreciate the kind comments about the blog some have left. At times, though, I am not sure what to post. I don’t really know how many regulars are Buddhists or how into Buddhism they are, etc. and etc. I suspect there are a few who are interested generally in spiritually and lean more toward Buddhism than anything else, but they probably don’t consider themselves Buddhists. Or maybe they do.

In any event, I try to keep the posts general enough and use fairly plain language, so that they can be read by a wide cross-section of readers. I’ve tried to mix it up also and provide a variety, although, looking over all the posts, I see where I have stuck to a few recurring themes.

I am not the sort of person who is very comfortable writing about my personal stuff. It’s bad enough I have to live with myself 24 hours a day, I don’t want to write about me, too. Besides, it’s boring to anyone else.

As far as my motivation to blog is concerned, it’s pretty simple. I have a need to express my thoughts. Buddhism is a subject I know pretty well and think I have a good handle on. Not to imply that anything I write is particularly good or going to turn the world around, but like Phil Ochs wrote, “When I’ve got something to say, sir, I’m gonna say it now,”

So, to make this long story somewhat short, as I said, I’ve been blogging full tilt all this time and now, I’m temporarily out of breath. Not to mention that I do a few other things in life and this can be rather time-consuming. That’s the main reason why blogging has been light this week, and may continue for a while longer. I hope those who are regular readers will be patient and stick with me here until I get my second wind.


2 thoughts on “Full Tilt Blogging

  1. i’ve been at it a year and a half now. over four hundred posts. i’m learning to let a few days slide when nothing seems to be sparking me. and i’ll be ok if more time goes by between posts.

    it’s likely that if you do this long enough, you’ll see repetition because that’s how our lives are. certain themes run through each of us, and our blogs show that, even when we deliberately try to mix it up.

    as far as audience goes, at some point I realized that I couldn’t gauge when a post will attract a lot of readers and comments or not. i’ve written posts t thought would certainly spark a big conversation, and no one said a word. others, i didn’t think anything of, and lots of discussion and reader hits showed up.

    so, i just write what i write.

    1. Sounds good, thanks. It’s no big deal, I just thought I would let folks know what was going on, or not going on.

      I agree that you can’t gauge which post will attract readers, but I’m not concerned about that too much. It’s more about having a sense of who’s reading in general. I don’t know if it would change my approach but writers often do find that information helpful.

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