Found Art

Those of you who have followed The Endless Further for any length of time have probably guessed by now that I like photography. Not only do I like to take photos (see my photography site) but I also enjoy messing about in Photoshop. In this latter work I use stock images, or sometimes my own photos, and distort them, construct a montage, add text, or whatever, to create something interesting, or perhaps humorous, or just to create.

I think of this along the lines of “found art,” like found poetry which is using existing texts and refashioning them, reordering the words, to present as poems. I’m going by the same principle only using images. Andy Warhol’s soup cans or Marcel Duchamp’s bicycle wheels and urinals are two examples of found art or photography.

Today I present three pieces I created last night while watching the Golden Globes (I get bored during the commercials). Three of these you might call posters, the fourth is just . . . something.

Thought of Enlightenment


Sun’s Orb


The Other Shore




“Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”
– Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “Found Art

  1. I expect these images sadly won’t be distributed more widely than pictures of cats in baskets etc. I heard a similar version of the Einstein quote that went something like “Your originality is only as secure as the obscurity of your inspiration”. Nice work.

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