Endeavour’s Final Flight Over Hollywood (Video)

I didn’t ever have an opportunity to see a space shuttle lift off into space or land right at Edwards Air Force Base. Until they changed the flight path, I use to hear the sonic booms when it flew over downtown, and once at about 4am I watched a shuttle come in from space and fly over my building on its way to Edwards, but that was like a very large and bright star traveling at an extremely fast rate of speed.

I certainly wanted to watch and document with my camera today’s historic last flight of the Endeavour as it flew over the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, it was hazy out, so the fly-over of City Hall was hard to catch, and I can’t see a darn thing in this digital camera’s viewfinder when I am outdoors because of the glare, and as a result the footage of the Griffith Park Observatory was just a lot of empty sky.

This, however, turned out okay. It’s a bit shaky (I tried to correct it with YouTube’s new Fix-it feature but that just made things worse), and very short, but I added some original music to make the clip a tad more interesting.

And straight from a roof in beautiful Hollywood, USA, here it is:


3 thoughts on “Endeavour’s Final Flight Over Hollywood (Video)

  1. I agree – that was a real “family memory” feel to it… An end of an incredible visionary era which I doubt I’ll see again in my lifetime. People might bitch about the cost of space exploration, but if it wasn’t for war we could still do this stuff, and eliminate poverty…

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