Down With Blogger?

Apparently, Blogger, one of the top blogging platforms, has been down for several days. Not good if you’re a blogger who uses Blogger. You can read details on the outage here.

I would not be surprised if some folks are rethinking their use of Blogger’s services. So . . . although, I don’t have ads on this blog, I am not above exploiting this situation to engage in some shameless self-promotion.

Therefore, let me suggest that folks left dissatisfied by the Blogger outage may want to consider hosting their blog elsewhere, under their own domain. Unlike Blogger, this is not a free option. However it has many advantages. Read “How to Decide If Blogger Hosting Is Right for You.”

At FinerWeb, I offer blog hosting starting at $5.95 per month. I think this is an affordable price and well worth the money when you consider the stability and flexibility you get.

With my blog hosting service, you can easily use WordPress or other Blog tools, and you get the full advantage of powerful servers, quality support, great features and freebies.

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