Doing Good

Thank you for the heartfelt messages. They are very much appreciated.

I don’t know quite where to start, so I keep it rather short and sweet. I find trying to communicate here difficult.  Fingers to fat for cell phone keys. Can’t hear people talk on the damn things. Had problems getting the wi-fi hooked up. Etc.

They tell me I am doing very well. In part due to my relatively good health, and I got lucky receiving a liver from a 19 year male. My doctor says that is rare. The first two days I was pretty groggy. But have been getting up and walking around the last two days. They say I may be good enough to go home by Tuesday. Everyone is rather amazed at my progress, most of all me. A little pain, not much, a lot of thirst, and discomfort in these hospital beds.  Am supposed to be on solid food already, but don’t find it very appealing.

That’s going to have to be it for now.  I won’t be on the laptop much until I return home, the cell phone either. Just too difficult for my frame of mind at present.


3 thoughts on “Doing Good

  1. Thinking of you Dave. May your recovery be swift and full as possible. So glad you are still with us, and still penning output. What a trouper!

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