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  1. Regarding your tribute to George M Williams dated December 16, 2013
    Dear David,
    Thank you for your wonderfully accurate tribute of the Mr. Williams who inspired me 43 years ago as a spiritually awakening young woman of 16. Although I drifted away from the organization after 10 years of devoted service, my belief in the practice remained unwavering and has guided me throughout my life. My life experiences and personal growth were amazing during those years of following his guidance. When I learned of how Mr. Williams was cast out by President Ikeda, I was heartbroken for this great human being to be treated so unfairly by his mentor. However, the universal laws of cause & effect apply to all things and all beings, so I wish to share with you what you have already discovered, that Mr Williams passed as a pure bodhisattva on 11-12-13 (perfectly sequenced date) and as an ascended master 11-12-2013 = 11 (master number).

    Thank you again for your beautiful rememberance of this great man!

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