The untimely demise of my now old computer necessitated the purchase of a new one. Actually, the old PC didn’t die completely, only the screen. Either the conductors or the graphic board. The second time in a row this has happened to me, so I knew it would cheaper and better in the long run to get a new PC rather than try to repair poor Yorick, alas I knew him well.

Anyway, to make a boring story short, I got a good deal at my friendly neighborhood Best Buy. And now, I have graduated from Vista to Windows 8. Vista was a mixed bag at best. So far, Windows 8 seems like an improvement, but there is a learning curve.

Windows 8 has no Start button down in the left hand corner. The Start menu is completely different. Instead of a vertical list what you get is a horizontal array of colorful squares identifying various apps and features. You don’t boot up to your desktop anymore. You access the desktop from the new start menu that evidently is named Metro.

It’s a bit annoying at first, but I adjusted in short course, and where there are inconveniences (getting to the Control Panel and your Documents is a pain), there are also conveniences, so it’s about equal in that department.

However, there is something definitely wrong with the way Windows 8 displays graphics. They are distorted, elongated. Photos on the PC and just about everything on the Web is affected. Even desktop icons. For instance, the icon for Firefox is a globe and it should appear round, not oblong. I took the PC back to Best Buy. They thought I was crazy. I looked at other PCs and they’re all the same in Windows 8. Screen size or resolution doesn’t affect it. I know I am not crazy. I work with images all the time. I know how they are supposed to look, and I especially know how the images I create are supposed to look. Images, icons, apps, all look stretched, like cyber taffy that someone had yanked on from both ends. I do not find it aesthetically pleasing. Everyone and his brother has complained about the Start menu but apparently no one minds or has noticed this problem, as I haven’t seen any posts on the Web griping about it, and believe me, I’ve looked.

Cutting to the chase, I hated the way this blog looks in Windows 8 so much, I had to change it. The appearance was rather minimalist before, even more so now. I won’t be including too many of the beautiful photos I have taken, and since my version of Photoshop won’t run on Windows 8, you won’t be seeing any more of the mind-blowing graphics I used to create. Not that anyone ever seem to notice how absolutely incredible they were.

Well, enough whining and immodesty for now. If by chance anyone knows of a fix for this graphics problem, please leave a comment. If you have a gripe or a wonderful insight about Windows 8, that’s cool too.


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