Breaking Through

I once heard a teacher in a dharma talk tell everyone “Our troubles are not the problem. Our problem is that we don’t see our Buddha-nature.”

I always like to remind people that Buddha-nature is not a ‘self’, soul or spirit. It is more like emptiness, or a spaciousness of being. What prevents us from seeing Buddha-nature is precisely the false perception of self.

IMG_3809b3This echoes something Dogen wrote in his work Bussho (“On Buddha-nature”), which according to one translation reads, “Nagarjuna said, ‘If you want to see the Buddha-nature, first you must eliminate self-egoism.'” Dogen later explains that “Seeing is in itself the elimination of self-egoism.”

It seems to me that one of Dogen’s main points throughout his core writings was to make people recognize their Buddha-nature. Then it becomes a matter of how much you can see Buddha-nature inside of you. When I first began to learn about Buddhism, I was told that meditation is the key that opens the gate to Buddha-nature.

The idea is to break the barrier between Buddha-nature and our life, to go beyond the dimension of “yourself” and see the Buddha-nature in others.

Stop your wandering,
Look penetratingly into your inherent nature,
And, concentrating your spiritual energy,
Sit in meditation
And break through.

– Bassui (1327-1387)


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    1. You can’t steal something that’s in the public domain. Now, if it were one of my original poems, that would be a different matter. You’d owe me $5.98. (I don’t charge much for poetry) Enjoyed your post, too. You can read it here, folks.

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