Boulevard Buddhism

The area around Hollywood Boulevard between Western and Normandy is Thai Town. It’s also Little Armenia and almost all of the business on those blocks are either one or the other. Most of the Thai shops, including the donut shop, have small shrines inside, usually on shelves like this:

Shrine in store

Here’s an interesting shrine outside of a Thai restaurant. Apparently making offerings to this one will not protect your car.

Shrine outside resturant

As you walk along the boulevard, it’s not unusual to see bowls of rice and water and sticks of burning incense out on the sidewalk. You know, hungry ghosts, evil spirits . . .

Outside of the Thailand Plaza is the Four-faced Buddha:

Four-faced Buddha

Often people are making offerings to the Four-faced Buddha, but not when I took this pic:

Pagoda of the Four-faced Buddha

However, a woman was making offerings at this shrine across the driveway next to the security guard’s shack, where someone had set up shop:

Woman making offerings at shrine

I guess you would call it a business shrine and they must have gone out of business because when I passed by the other day, it was gone.

Business shrine

And here is one of the Thai “Angels”, just outside of Ralphs and Ross for Less:

Thai Angel

The one across the street from Ralphs, next to the bus stop:

The other Thai Angel


One thought on “Boulevard Buddhism

  1. This is an awesome walk through Hollywood’s Thai Town. It would be nice to have something similar in my state.

    The closest thing we’ve got is a pedestrian mall where Tibetan refugees and immigrants have set up tables, selling jewelry, clothes, incense and other things; they burn incense, and there may be a small Buddha statue, but nothing as ornate as this.

    My favorite shot is the full picture of the Four-faced Buddha’s shrine.

    Next time I’m in that part of California, I’ll have to check it out for myself.

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