Bang Bang

hardin-reward3John Wesley Hardin (1853-1895) was a real hard-guy. An American outlaw who claimed to have killed 42 men. Trigger happy? You bet. He once shot a man to death for snoring.

Yesterday in Florida, an ex-cop allegedly shot a man to death for texting.

I think we are soon approaching the day when you’ll have to go through a metal detector to enter a movie theater. When that happens, another precious piece of the America we once knew will have been shot to death, too.

Starting at about age 8 or 9, I used to go to movies by myself, at the wonderful, grand Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas. If I had a kid that age these days, I wouldn’t let him or her out of the house. Hey, if they can’t go nowhere, they can’t get shot. Yesterday in New Mexico, a 12 year old boy opened fire on his fellow classmates with a shotgun .  .  .

As I, and others, have said before, our right to be safe trumps anyone’s right to own and carry a gun. People should feel safe in a movie theater. Young people should feel safe at school.

But I understand the rage that certain annoyances provoke. Believe me, if I were a different sort of person and a gun-owner, there is a good possibility that the streets of Hollywood would be littered with the bodies of dead leaf-blower guys. Almost as annoying is the now wide-spread practice of conducting private telephone conversations in public, and when it’s done in a loud voice, it just makes you want to scream, “Shut the fuck up!” Texting, though, is a relatively quiet activity, and even if it wasn’t in yesterday’s incdent, hardly anything to shoot someone over. Ex-cop or not, no one needs to take a gun to the movies. There’s enough on the screen already.

The story about John Wesley Hardin is probably a tall tale. The fact is that in the Old West more people died from gun accidents than from gunfights. Sadly, that’s not true today. According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, in the United States during 2010, only 606 people died accidentally from unintentional firearm injuries, whereas guns were used in 11,078 homicides.

Every time we have a school shooting, we hear the public outcry and we listen to our politicians (the good ones) promise to take action on gun control. But nothing ever changes. The complacency in all quarters is astounding and unacceptable. But having said that, I admit I am not sure about the answer. Threatening to restrict guns just drives sales up. There are actually few places where guns are not allowed (airports, courtrooms, and supposedly, schools), yet banning guns in more places would only cause those who are rabid about their 2nd Amendment rights to ignore the bans. In Los Angeles, it is unlawful to operate a leaf blower within 500 feet of a residence. In one of the most massive and successful, yet disappointing, acts of civil disobedience in the history of the world, gardeners in this town have paid absolutely no heed to that ordinance.

So, in lieu of a solution, here’s a cool song. To listen just click on the arrow. Lyrics below.

Guns – Flo and Eddie

flo and eddie
Flo and Eddie: A couple of peace-loving, dirty, commie hippies.

Ever fly a B-52?
Not a lot you gotta do
Never seeing nothing but little yellow lights
On a panel full of buttons
Ever see a face in the crowd?
Never hear the sound of the tears rollin’ down
But, it’s all right, tonight
While we’re cuddled up tight
In the name of victory
It’s a shame that you and me
Can’t stop them guns

Guns a’marching, guns a’shootin’
Gun’s a’firing, guns alarming me
They’re aimed at me
Gotta stop them guns
Guns deployin’, guns destroyin’,
Guns a’blazin’, guns amazing me

Ever see a young baby fawn
Learning how to drink from a pond?
Peeking through your rifle
Lining up those cross-hairs
Must be quite an eyeful
Ever see an old fashioned doe
Who just didn’t know
It was time to let go?
And tonight, the lights
On Broadway will shine
On the fur and ivory
In the name of victory
It’s a shame that you and me
Can’t stop them guns.

Can’t stop those guns,
Guns a’marching, guns a’shootin’
Gun’s a’firing, guns alarming me
They’re aimed at me
Gotta stop them guns
Guns deployin’, guns destroyin’,
Guns a’blazin’, guns amazing me

© 1976 Howard Kaylan / Jim Pons / Mark Volman


4 thoughts on “Bang Bang

  1. Lol, loving the song. I cannot get my head around the anger a fear that must dominate the people like that guy who Pearce Morgan interviewed the other week. Like an American Taliban.

    1. The song is from an album called “Moving Targets.” It has a number of good tunes. Once upon a time Flo and Eddie were known as The Turtles. Ancient history.

        1. Very true. I had forgotten about that. They also appeared in “200 Motels” along with a host of other folks, including Jimmy Carl Black (“the Indian in the group”).

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