A Monk’s Verses

Here’s a little poem I wrote some years ago about Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. It’s from a monk’s point of view, perhaps a T’ien-t’ai monk sitting in the meditation hall at Hsiu Ch’an monastery on Celestial Terrace Mountain, perhaps performing the ch’ing Kuan Yin Repentance, a structured practice developed by master Chih-i . . .

A Monk’s Verses

ocean so close, hear waves
by temple door, listen crickets
west wind feel rain
bodhisattva, please feel heart

lovely Kuan Yin, how pure
how can I know your way?
single-mindedly I yearn
to fulfill your wisdom mind

great vow monk makes
to rescue every living being
to Kuan Yin I dedicate
the sweat on my prayer beads

east sky, sun rise
pause meditation
kuan, kuan, cry eagles
singing Kuan Yin’s song


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